Drawing of towel in monochrome grey of a starched towel pinned on the wall, with sharp contrasting shadows.


For #FinishingFriday, I bring you the first piece that I’m reasonably happy with from this year’s classes. Mind you: I already know exactly what I need to do differently next time: I guess I’ll just call it an extensive study before executing the master piece, someday. At least I feel a lot more confident in …

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Drawing of this blog post

More ancient Greeks (Throwback Thursday edition)

Ancient in every sense of the word: dug up from my personal archive from 1992 apparently. Ooh my, when I was a “wee little one” in secondary school. Like last week’s offering, I drew this after a picture from our history or Greek textbook, I’m pretty sure. I never had the guts to sit in …

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A tank rolls through the streets, a soldier with a gun at the top aims a gun towards citizens on the opposite side of the road. A young child with a backpack and a stuffed toy looks on from this side of the road.

June 4

Earlier this year I heard Prof. Yuhua Wang in a podcast talk about his memories as a young primary school student of 1989. He was sent home in late May, and on his way back saw tanks rolling through the streets. I don’t know if those were the Type 59 tanks that are in the …

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drawing of a squirrel hiding behind a big book titled "A History of Squirrel Education", stretching out a paw in "stop". Squirrel's desk is full of more books, a scroll and an inkwell with a quill, and a coffee mug on the desk. In the background a bookcase.


Welcome to the new subscribers for the email alerts, and apologies there have been so few (if any) updates. This is 15 min sketch of the current situation here at the Radio Blackbird headquarters: it’s very busy with other things!

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