Not so inky #Inktober

If you don’t move in the world of illustration, it’s highly likely Inktober doesn’t mean a thing to you, and October is for you the month of:

  • PSL
  • Spooky things and Hallowe’en
  • rainy days and/or cosy autumn/fall days with crunchy leaves underfoot
  • days getting shorter and an increase in comments like “It’s getting dark early now” or “I can’t believe it’s still dark at 8am”

(If you’re in the southern hemisphere, those last 2 don’t apply, and possibly the first two neither. I never visited the southern hemisphere!)

But if you peek inside the world of art and illustration, you’ll find that we have our own equivalent of #Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), just a month early so the very creative types among us can do both. All it means is that every day, you do an illustration with ink, and at the end of the month you have 31 illustrations, or several large ones, and you’ll have improved your craft significantly.

I took part last year, and it was a significant time commitment to come up with ideas and execute them. You can scroll back in my instagram feed to the copies I made from Tang dynasty tomb mural paintings. I lasted about 20 days and then I couldn’t keep up.

This year I didn’t even try, and I only got two inky drawings.

Use the slide to see how my drawing compares to the original photo. The uploaded formats didn’t quite match, and neither did my drawing. JuxtaposeJS is still a nifty tool from Knight Lab!

My second inked up drawing was an assignment in art class: pick some stuff from your pencil case and draw!

Slide and compare, pls! Photo and drawing don’t quite align because I took the picture on the first day and then had to re-create the scene on the second day. I know there is something wrong with my roll of tape. Still not too bad for a quick sketch.

How was your #Inktober?

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