100 days of practice

I’ve decided to join The 100 Day Project and since it started on 18 February, I’m already well on my way, with 17 small pieces completed.

My chosen project? Copying faces from manga, inking them with sumo ink and a proper pen (Blanzy-Conté-Gilbert — № 423 Plume Atome) and touching up with two small brushes, in a Royal Talens sketchbook. I sketch the drawing with a B pencil first. Here are my tools:

Tools of the trade
All you need for 30 mins of fun.

At the moment I am re-reading Tezuka Osamu Buddha in the Dutch translation. I love his style: a clear line, exaggerated movements, emotion in spades, humourous details, and impressive landscapes that range from the harsh Himalaya mountains to make you shiver to the humid steaming jungles of the monsoon-struck Indian subcontinent. Oh to be an artist who reaches to his ankles!

I am not sure yet if I will do all 100 days from this series or even from Tezuka’s oeuvre, but he’s certainly not a bad artist to train on!

Here’s my first week so far, and below for comparison the original. The first week I still used Noodler’s ink, but the label has fallen off so I don’t know which one. It feathered too much on this paper, and I switched to the sumi ink shortly after. You’ll see those in a later update.

Click on each image for a larger, full view:

And for comparison, the originals:

I feel I’m getting more comfortable using the little pen, just from this brief daily practice. It does not allow for much variation in line thickness, but for now I feel like sticking it out with the pen I first learned to ink with back when I was 6 or 7. Far fewer blotches than back in the day, I call that progress!

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