100 days of practice – another week

Here’s the second week of my participation in The 100 Days Project. As I mentioned last time, I’m focusing on copying faces in (Japanese) manga. The second week I am still on a Tezuka Osamu kick.
I switched to the sumi ink during this week: less feathering, less bleeding through the page so I can draw on both sides and get nice double pages ànd use all of my sketchbook (cheapskate that I am). I’m beginning to notice a bit more fluency in the copying and inking. I can tell Tezuka used different tools than I do, but I’m making this work with my self-imposed limitations, and in the process I am getting more skilful with that pen again.

I find facial expressions incredibly hard to copy. I am getting a bit better at copying likeness, but capturing the emotion or the intention of the character with a few pen strokes is a totally different level. Certainly something to strive for during this 100 days challenge!

Like last time: click to open the gallery and get a closer look at the individual pictures:

And the originals:

And here is the double page “spread” effect. You see how it bleeds through in the second photo… That’s improved in later pages.

Double pages from sketchbook
First three images (top left is practice with brush pen)
Double pages from sketchbook
I like how this looks when you get more images together.

Have you been inspired to take part in #The100DaysProject? Or are you contemplating joining an art challenge? In 2022 I joined Kick in the Creatives for Inky April. They have a few options every month if you’re looking to find a little art community online!

2 thoughts on “100 days of practice – another week”

  1. Just to say that it is ALWAYS inspiring to see you sharing your work! And I love the expressiveness of these faces: if you ever feel like you want to illustrate an Indian epic, all this drama would be perfect for the Ramayana or the Mahabharata!!!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It’s hard to do any better than the master himself, who created the epic life of Buddha in manga form. I’m definitely picking up those Indian epic vibes, yes!!

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