I’m with Squirrel…

Cartoon of a squirrel in a hamster wheel. He looks panicked as he holds on to the wheel, splayed out with his white belly showing. The wall shows a TV with a health warning to limit outdoor activity due to wildfire smoke, broadcast on SNN with a small squirrel presenter. Text: “Squirrel’s main reason to avoid the hamster wheel: the danger of tail entanglement”
Squirrel tries to do the healthy thing and avoids the smoke outside, but at which cost?

I’m with Squirrel…but for different reasons. (I mainly worry about falling off the treadmill). I really do NOT like those hamster wheels for humans, and unlike other people I routinely run slower and less far on them than I do outside. In June I was forced onto one due to the Lehigh Valley reaching the unenviable status of “most polluted air in the world”, when the smoke from the wildfires blew our way and made me wear a face mask outside when I had to go out briefly. I still wanted to get a run in, but not in this pea soup (Youtube video). Hamster wheel in the gym it was… I returned to running outside as soon as the Air Quality Index returned below 100 and it feels much better to be outside!

Do you like running on a hamster wheel or are you with Squirrel and me? Let me know in the comments!

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