drawing of a squirrel hiding behind a big book titled "A History of Squirrel Education", stretching out a paw in "stop". Squirrel's desk is full of more books, a scroll and an inkwell with a quill, and a coffee mug on the desk. In the background a bookcase.


Welcome to the new subscribers for the email alerts, and apologies there have been so few (if any) updates. This is 15 min sketch of the current situation here at the Radio Blackbird headquarters: it’s very busy with other things!

Small blue hippo with cross eyes and beads of sweat pinging off him, a squirrel taps him on the back and points over his shoulder.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…

Even in my department I occasionally have had to explain that “No, me teaching the Shang dynasty is not playing on home terrain. That’s like a historian of nineteenth century Europe teaching about emperor Augustus and the Roman empire, mkay?” Feel free to replace that with a similar 1800-2000 year interval of your choice. Chinese …

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