Plushies on the move

Sometimes I just get an image in my head and I need to get it out. Sometimes I think it’s just me, but then a bit later I find something online or in the news and I know I’m not alone. This was one of those images that would not let go and then a few weeks later the Washington Post published this article. My little Jess the Tiger is safe, but I wonder where his littermates from the factory have ended up over the 20 years he’s been with me.

Two panel drawing, on the left a toy stuffed tiger lies on a pillow inside a safe home. Text: "2013: I migrate the United States." On the right a woman walks away, leading a small child by the hand. The child turns back to look at some wreckage, possibly a tank. Trees by the road side are damaged. Text: "2023: Somewhere in Ukraine"

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